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Service & Maintanance


Installation of a good system is the first step towards building a business relationship. After sales service and maintenance is what keeps that relation strong and ongoing. Prompt response to clients when a problem occurs, well trained technical staff that knows how to identify a problem and give solutions to non typical issues on the go and proper follow-up and feedback from client regarding product performance for future up gradation of products and services, is paramount for a good service oriented organization.


Service & Maintanance


  • Technically trained product specialists with years of experience in their respective fields
  • Quick response time to complaints and emergencies
  • Priority product replacement and instant warranties
  • Preventive maintenance procedures and precautionary trainings
  • In depth product analysis and detailed specifications to customer to avoid miscommunication and selection of wrong products
Service & Maintanance


  • Hardware maintenance contracts for new and previously installed systems in IT, Security and Electrical.
  • System evaluation, renovation, revamping as per standards and up-gradation services
  • Requirements analysis, requirements specification and design before implementation
  • Technical and user end product trainings
  • Hardware repair and parts replacement
  • Annual maintenance contracts for all domains of security (i.e. CCTV, Access, Fire), Information Technology (i.e. printers, desktops, laptops)and electrical systems (i.e. UPS)