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Access Control System


The need for vigilance and video recording has escalated with time due to two factors, increased need for security and availability of commercial technology to enhance business operations and lifestyle. Be it casual monitoring of pathways in an office compound in case of unforeseen events or 24 hour stringent surveillance of a military facility, clients from all domains and walks of life are enhancing their efficiency and productivity with the assistance of video surveillance technology.

Carbitech Electoric Surveillance


EAS is a system crucial to large departmental stores and sale outlets where expensive articles such as garments or colognes are shoplifted without payment. The system tags the articles with a variety of tags from use-once paper to multi-use hard tags, removed or deactivated by an authorized staff after the client has paid for the said item. Items that have active tags will trigger the alarm as they are taken out of the premises.

Carbitech Tracking System


  • Remote monitoring of multiple retail sites simultaneously for a single point effective management..
  • Vigilance and recording of stock pilferage or employee misconduct with the clientele.
  • Video analytics for people counting during rush hours for marketing data.
Carbitech Parking Access


Vehicle parking access and restrictions are required in private or public parking facilities where unauthorized vehicles are forcibly parked in reserved areas or vehicle fleets moving across multiple locations need to be tracked. The vehicles are issued proximity cards, automatically tracked by long range readers at entry/exit points.

Carbitech Visitor Managment


VMS are useful in monitoring personnel visiting your office or industry as a contractual worker, daily wage
labor or visitor. The visitor's information is automatically captured from their visiting cards or NIC and stored
in the database. A snapshot of the visitor is taken and stored along with the information. Staff members to be visited are notified and badges with information and the visitor's image is printed and issued. This allows visitors to pre schedule their meetings, issued temporary access control cards for the duration of their visit, be tracked as they come and go from the facility.

Carbitech Time Attandance


The basic need for most offices, time and attendance systems have robust software delivering detailed information suited for hourly wage workers, overtime or leave calculations or shift management. The software is connected to a variety of devices ranging from basic proximity cards to finger and facial recognition for fool proof security. The system can be interfaced with basic doors secured with electromagnetic locks or turnstiles, whichever mode of restriction is required.


Carbitech Access Restriction


With heightened security concerns in the region, protection is required from forceful intruders and terrorists
alike. The first line of defense for any organization is at their entrance, where people and packages alike need to be scanned for weapons or explosives amongst other lethal material. With a range of walkthrough gates single and multiple-zone, and a selection of products for detection of metal and explosives we ensure our clients are equipped with the best that technology has to offer to filter out threats before their security is breached.

We also provide customized solutions for automated vehicle blockers, turnstiles and tyre killers through our collaborations with manufacturers to suit various requirements. The systems can be interfaced with access control systems for automation and report generation.