• camra


Our Organization was established in 2000 in Karachi, formed to facilitate technological needs for the IT industry. With time we broadened our horizons to cater to a larger market segment and with more expertise on our hands. Today we provide solutions in five domains:


  • Security and Life Safety
  • Communication Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Computer Systems (IT Infrastructure)

Our Objective is to build long term relations based on sincerity and trust with organizations and end users catering to all their needs that fit our business profile and provide them with dedicated on site and online support for their systems.


Our Approach towards business is simple. We conduct in depth product research across our respective domains, take hands on experience through product testing, evaluate the needs of clients, residential and corporate alike, educating them first with our knowledge and then recommend a solution that meets their operational and financial requirements. The clients get the best of breed products from multiple manufacturers instead of a monopolized brand distribution channels without product restrictions.


Our Teams comprise of qualified and experienced personnel for all our respected domains, from government approved engineers for system deployments to trained technicians for in house troubleshooting and support teams for after sales services, which we believe is paramount to earning the trust of our clients.


Our Target Market spans across all segments that can benefit from our products and services, be it a residential apartment in need for wifi connectivity and gaming desktops, bungalows for home automation, smart lighting control & PABX or offices for online UPS and networked computing. Industries for electrical works like distribution panels and energy efficient power factors to save electricity costs to enterprises in need of integrated IP based security management systems and quad core servers with online backup; we work with dedication to give good solutions.